Serving Food, Serving Faith

Dear Friends,

Hip, Hip, Hooray, the Big E is over for another year. Thank you to everyone who participated in any way at all. We had people who make sure we have a contract with the Big E and the proper licenses from the town and health departments and hire our professional staff. We have people who transported equipment to and from the E. We had dozens of people who served food, ran the register, set up take outs, washed, (and sometimes even ironed aprons) ran errands and washed dishes and more pots and pans than I even knew existed. Our church was supported by members of other congregations and outside groups, like the square dancers.There were teenagers and many of us who are much more mature, working three shifts a day for the run of the Exposition. It was a big undertaking. Thanks and Thanks again. After our bills, cooks and their staff are paid, most of the profit from this work will be used to purchase oil to heat our building this year.

We also want to thank the Hampden County Physicians Practice which allowed us to park cars in their parking lot on the three Friday nights of the fair’s run. We greatly appreciate their support of our outreach and ministry. Again, it took many people to be present and responsible for this work.

And so it is that this slice of our church life is over for another year, but it points to something important for us. The work at the Big E benefits the church financially and it takes so many people. In fact, the work of ministry and church life is supported by our church members in dozens of ways that are highly visible and sometimes invisible.

Dave Bolster, our Lay Leader, and I have been talking about church leadership. What does it take to keep our ministry active and relevant to the needs of our members and the community. We are blessed with a wonderful paid staff who do a great job and work way beyond their responsibilities and we have many committed leaders who consistently give time and much more to live out the mission of the church. So many of you have expressed the joy of the connection that this work brings and that our life in faith offers, thank you for sharing with us in many ways.

In our society today we hear that many groups that rely on volunteer involvement are struggling with unmet leadership needs. Sometimes it is because we feel we don’t have the skills to offer, frequently we express that our lives are full in many places and we can not take on more.

Right now Dave and I want to invite you to be part of a group of people who would help us redefine our church leadership base and its role in our faith lives. A big task! We plan to gather on Wednesday October 24 at 7:00 PM here at the church and brainstorm about how we can faithfully use our lives as a ministry resource for Christ. Sound Scary? It’s not really. Come and talk and we will all listen together.

As fall deepens we have exciting opportunities for worship, fellowship, and outreach. I hope that you will join us as you are led by God.

I send you many thanks and Blessings for your continued faithful witness.

Pastor Karen