Celebrating the Savior

Dear Friends,
In the liturgical year there are two important seasons of preparation, Advent and Lent, which precede the two great Christian Festivals of Christmas and Easter.
The word Advent is from the Latin adventus which means “coming” and this season is set aside to prepare for the Coming of the Christ, the Incarnate God in our midst. Sounds pretty fancy! But at its heart it is very like what I do when I am getting ready to have company. I want to clean spacesadvent candle 2 and prepare things to be at their best for my guests. I want to try to have what they will need at hand so that they are comfortable, and feel welcome. I certainly want to do just that to welcome Christ. So we prepare the worship space and we listen to the very, very challenging Advent Scriptures and we try to clean out the clutter of Christmas so we can have space in our minds and hearts for our Christ. How will we do this in 2012?
Part of our preparation will happen in our worship, and some of it will happen as we think about others and some of it will happen as we carve out small spaces of time for personal meditation and preparation.
** This year on each Sunday of Advent there will be a Chapel set up with ideas and meditation helps for anyone who would like to spend a few minutes of our busy Sunday mornings in this way.
** There will be take home Advent wreaths for all of the children.
** There will be Christmas Caroling to shut-ins on Sunday, December 16th.We will leave the church at 12:30 and return late afternoon.
** There will be a special Christmas pageant on Sunday, December 16th during worship.
So here it is Advent Again and in the midst of your busy schedule I hope that you can be part of some of these events. I hope that you will join us for worship and fellowship and opportunities to be in ministry during Advent. I hope that you will find that this season brings you new insight into the birth of our Savior.
Blessings to All,