A Voice from The Attic

Dear Friends,
My brother says that I am the only person he knows that crazy things happen to on a regular basis. I guess that I have the ability to look at life and see the absurdity that often masks as daily experiences, and see metaphors for other things which are important. So here is what happened two weeks ago.
I needed a couple of suitcases which were in the third floor attic of the house where Rick and I used to live and my son and daughter-in-law now live. They were away for the weekend and I stopped in at about 1:45 PM, went up to the attic and closed the door behind me so the cat would not follow me. Got the suitcases with no problem and went to open the door and the door knob just spun around. It is a hundred year old house and a spinning door knob is not a good sign! I tried working it, and trying to get it to catch, to no avail (the hinges were on the other side). Now here is what I knew, my cell phone was in the car ( it is seldom charged anyway) – my daughter was coming in to feed the cat after supper, and I knew Rick was at home and would probably notice I was not around on maybe Tuesday or Wednesday, when the food got low, so no hope there. I went to the window and looked out. It was a beautiful day and I could hear kids playing. I figured someone would soon walk their dog or walk by. It is now about 2:30, – cars go by but no walkers, – 2:45, no one, – 3:00, no one, – 3:15, no one – suddenly I see a car pull into the driveway across the street about three houses down and I shout as loud as I can. “Hello, Help!” The young woman starts looking around and I continue to shout at her. She takes off at a run still not knowing where I am but following my voice. She finally spots me and I explain that I am stuck in the attic and she comes in and the door knob opens on her side on the first try (the threading was only gone on the inside). I thanked the young woman and we laughed over the incident.
Now here is the catch for me, the metaphor that keeps coming to me again and again. While I was waiting to be rescued I was waving out the window and occasionally calling out. I got to laughing at myself and I wondered if God ever feels like I did. Stuck and unable to attract the attention of the world going by. God sent prophets and witnesses of his love, God even sent his own Son and still the world keeps moving along as if it had no value. So I wonder, what does it take to have us pay attention to God (by the way, I do not on any level see myself as God). What do you think would draw you back to church and back into the fellowship, worship, and joy of church?
We are already well into the new year and almost into Lent, which begins in only two weeks, and then Easter and on and on. Does it matter? I think that as strange as it may sound God does need our lives to be centered in God and to be the means of change in the world. What do you think it would take for YOU to come to back church? Just asking!

Blessings my Friends,