Souvenirs Along the Way

Dear Friends,93516093b

As we travel through our lives we acquire souvenirs of our life journey. A souvenir is a token kept to remind us of a person, place or an event and the word comes from the Latin “subvenire” meaning ‘to occur to the mind.’ We also carry memories which are souvenirs of life. Many of us associate souvenirs with our travels or adventures or with milestones in our life.

Our summer theme for worship is “Souvenirs Along the Way.” We will be exploring, through the scriptures, the souvenirs we collect in our lives which become memorable and important to us. I would like to invite you to bring in these items and place them on the altar for us to see and reflect upon in worship.

Maybe you have something from a trip, a small snow globe you brought back from Niagara Falls, or a spoon or tea cup with Mount Rushmore on it, or maybe you have the program from your high school graduation or the book your grandmother gave you that has special meaning.

Some of the things that are our most prized possessions in life are less tangible. What have you kept that stirs your memory and reminds you of a lesson learned, a time shared with others, a moment captured for all time in your heart, a heart break or a joy that has meaning for you. So many of our experiences and our journeys are mirrored in the Scriptures and I have always taken joy in knowing that others have had similar experiences and they have had similar joys and struggles in life.

Please join us for summer worship and bring in, or write about your Souvenirs, so that we can all hear the faith journey lived out. Our summer worship will continue at 10:00 AM each Sunday, and I look forward to seeing you.

On August 11, we will host other churches participating in the ecumenical worship. We will have worship here on all Sundays but you are welcome to attend worship in the other churches in town too. A list of the churches and the dates appears below this message.

I pray that as the summer unfolds you will have an opportunity to be with your families and rejoice in them and that you will also take time to be here with your church family.

Blessings to All,

Pastor Karen