Easter with a capitol E

Dear Friends,sanctuary cross

The older I get, the more I realize that I don’t know a lot, and if I spend any time with my grandchildren or the children here at the pre-school, that reality is reinforced. Cooper and Abigail (forgive me if I boast) can tell me amazing things that they are learning in school. Cooper, age 8, knows so much about animals, their habitat and life habits that I am amazed. Abigail’s 5th grade math is more complex than what I learned in high school. And our newest grand-daughter, Emilie, (9 days old today) is already showing signs of being remarkably intelligent and intuitive! Sometimes it feels like I have forgotten most of what I thought I knew and sometimes I realize how little I understand about anything. But I also am coming to understand that I don’t need to know everything, some things I just have to take on faith.

I am a terrible speller, as Caroline, our church secretary, can affirm since my computer can often not figure out what I am trying to write and she has to try to decipher it. That being said, I love to wrestle with ideas and I really like to learn new words.
So here are Two New Words that I recently learned:
defenestration: “The act of throwing something out of a window” [ The second word is:
easter: n. a wind from the east.
I just never thought about easter being something separate from Easter! My computer does not know easter without the capital E, again proving it does not know everything!

So what on earth am I talking about? Good question! I think that I am saying that at 67-1/2, I am still learning a lot, from the people in my life and from God and that “lot” also includes continuing to learn about Easter with a capital E. Without really realizing it, many of us go through our lives thinking about easter and not Easter. What I mean is that we minimalize the power and wonder of Easter and make it just a light breeze that blows in from the east each spring and gives us a chance to eat chocolate without guilt! But Easter is so much more. Our entire faith is balanced on the power of the Resurrection, upon the realization that death is not the final word for our lives. So often we seek control of life and so it is difficult to believe that God does have power over death. Easter affirms that God’s love for humanity thru Jesus goes beyond what we know intellectually and it meets us in a place of faith. It is not full grown, it is not always understandable, but it is available to us. We can find Easter at any age. It means that we affirm mystery and yet trust that God has gifted us with the promise of new life.

So I invite you to do two things: first, use the strange word ‘defenestration’ in a sentence so I can figure it out! Second and more important, share with me and with others your experience of Easter, for so many of you witness and testify to its power every day.

Join us on Easter Sunday at 6:00 AM for a sunrise service here at the church and at 10:00 AM for family worship as we celebrate the Risen Christ!

Resurrection Joy to all,
Pastor Karen