Let Peace Begin Here

From the Pastor:

Each SundayPeace we share a moment to “Pass the Peace of Christ.” I often will say “let peace begin here.” This couldn’t be more important and relevant for our world today. With tensions growing around the world, whether it be the threat of a terrorist group or the outbreak of a disease, the work of peace making is in a critical state.

What is the work of peace making? Taking time to reach out to each other, learning about other faiths and religions, traditions and culture, and communicating to the leadership of our communities and nation our concern for peace are possibilities. Other ways might include participating in the program that empowers the homeless or jobless individuals in our community, sharing our skills with others to increase their possibilities for work, inviting strangers to the faith community so we can build our sense of being a community beyond the walls of our church or home, or some other way you are feeling called to participate through the church, community, and beyond.

This month begins with World Communion Sunday. Jesus speaks clearly the importance of being community through his teachings and through the action of his ministry. Peace begins in community and is strengthen by grace. We need to challenge ourselves to come to the communion table seeking God’s guidance and vision to see the ways in our lives that we can build community and be peace makers. And as we rise from the communion table we need to be in prayer for ourselves and each other. We need to ask God for the strength and courage to move from wishing for peace to action for peace. I suggest this prayer be in the form of a conversation with God and a shared conversation with each other as God speaks through the people of the faith community and world.

Let peace begin with us.
Rev. Bruce Arbour