Let’s Shake it Up!

Wow! Summer is finally here. A time for renewal, vacations, gatherings with friends and family, and a great Sunday worship service to complete the summer experience! This summer I am hoping to mix it up a little on Sunday mornings. The time will remain the same and we’ll be gathering here at the church. We might be outside one week, or worshiping in the round another. Some weeks traditional and others, well……

This time of year is also a time to regroup and prepare for the fall. Yes, it is time to prepare for the Big E, but this year I want to challenge us to prepare for a lot more. It’s time for us to re-think church and start moving in new directions. To prepare for this we will take time during and after worship to have chat circles. This will be a time to talk about our dreams and vision for the church, and more importantly make commitments to ideas and actions that will be our ministry starting in the fall.

I guess what I am saying is you won’t want to miss church this summer. And if you are away on vacation be sure to visit other churches. Visits to another church can be not only refreshing but can inspire ideas for our church as well.

Let’s enjoy the summer, be in prayer for each other to have a safe and peaceful summer, and make a commitment to see each other in church.

Rev. Bruce Arbour, Pastor