Planning for the Easter Journey

From the Pastor:
Does this ever happen to you? You make plans for a big trip, and at the time of making the plans it sounds like a great idea. But as time passes, the greatness of the idea begins to fade and you start wondering why you ever thought this was a good idea. In fact, it gets to the point where you really wish you hadn’t made the plans because, well you have so much to do, you start asking yourself, “will it really be as good as you thought it was going to be?” , and could it be that you really can’t afford the time away?.

Well I have those same thoughts when I think about planning and getting ready for Holy Week. The closer I get the more I ask, what was I thinking? But then the day arrives, standing at the back of the sanctuary I hear the Gospel read and realize that Jesus is riding into Jerusalem for me. Each day of the week touches my heart in a different way. From silent prayer time that gives me that long needed breath, stillness of Holy Thursday as the blue light breaks the dark words of Peter’s denying Jesus and seeing each piece taken from the altar, to the bitter darkness of Good Friday as the last candle is extinguished and the sounds of someone dragging a cross in the darkness reminds me of the journey Jesus took for me that day. When the Son rises on Easter morning I realize that the journey I planned turned out better than I could ever have imagined. Yes, I was wrong. The trip was worth the time I set aside and I could not have afforded to miss it if I was really going to understand Easter. Holy Week is a good idea and I am glad I planned to experience it.

Every year I pray that the people of God will come to truly understand how great a God we have and how deep God’s love is for us. I would encourage you to take that walk this year. May you find a deeper understanding of the grace and love of God through Jesus, and may your faith be renewed. I’ll be praying for you.
Rev. Bruce Arbour, Pastor