Sunday School

Sunday School
Sunday School is now held during church immediately after the Children’s Talk and will run approximately 1hour giving parents a few minutes of fellowship after Worship.

Sunday School will be geared to grades K-5. If your child is in grades 6-12 we invite them to explore our Youth Group. We provide child care for children younger than 5.

Children are always welcome at the communion table and may take communion at their parents discretion. We do not expect the children to have a full understanding of Communion in order to partake. It is a reminder that  Jesus and God loves each one of us. Communion in the Methodist church consists of a small piece of gluten free bread and grape juice. Wine is never served in our church.

Help Wanted!
We can always use an extra hand in class and the Nursery. If you are willing to teach, assist or be a substitute let us know. Anyone interested in helping out in our Sunday School class can speak with Heather Murphy, or leave a message with the office and she will get back to you.

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