Pastor’s Message

How about you?

I was working on a sermon, seems like I am doing that a lot lately and it struck me that many people have a gift for sharing God’s word. Our worship team, the group that supports the development and implementation of our Sunday morning worship is a good example.

In that group there are often lively discussions about what a scripture means or broader, like what our place in the universe is. I bet you didn’t know that!

Anyway, as I listen to the team discuss topics I am constantly amazed at the depth of their passion for church. I mean, to some it is a place to focus on the world at large, to try to grasp what it means to be here. For others, is is a place of community and sharing. Still others a place of celebration and joy.

How can all of them be right? Well, it really is right. God made us to be inquisitive, to ask questions, to seek answers. Wesley famously told us that one of the tenants of our faith requires us to be in community and to ask questions and seek answers together.

The worship team and I try to make the Sunday service a bit of a place that accommodates people on their own faith journey no matter where they are. We mean it to be a comfortable place to worship and yet we also know that we must take you a little out of your comfort zone, to bring a different perspective. Our services tend to be very traditional in many senses, that’s intentional as a means to provide a place for centering but don’t be surprised if sometimes there is something else going on that you didn’t expect.

So, how about you? What do you look for in you time in worship? What do you need to fill you spirit? Is it comfort? Is it quiet? Is it noisy? Is it lively? Contemplative? A little sprinkling of all these and still something else?

I have no doubt that we will rattle a few this Lent as we strike out into our own desert as Christ did on His forty day journey. Why not come along?
Pastor Rick