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Dear Families,
The leaves are beginning to turn and the mornings are cooler. It’s a refreshing break after the humid summer. With the signs of fall outside, so too will fall begin to make an appearance inside. Fall has arrived at the preschool. Pumpkins, scarecrows, hay bales, and lots of fall leaves are appearing in the classrooms.
Advisory Board Update
At the first meeting, the members were introduced to the supportive and advisory nature of this group. As a non-voting board, the members will guide and assist me on such topics as new ways to fundraise, additional grant opportunities, new marketing strategies, as well as additional avenues to recruit new staff. It was a productive first meeting. Mrs. Jones the teacher representative will summarize to the staff during our monthly staff meeting. Ms. Taylor, the parent representative includes some thoughts below. I look forward to working with the board throughout the year for the benefit and growth of the preschool.
Educational Spotlight
Each of the programs (3’s and 4’s) at the preschool have specific learning goals based on the unique developmental ranges in each group. The 3’s group focuses on social skills such as gaining independent skills with common routines (handwashing, toileting and snack time) group participation and playing with others. They continue to enhance both gross motor skills (climbing, jumping and running) and fine motor skills (cutting with scissors, coloring, shaping playdough and dumping and pouring). The 3’s are exploring the world around them as they interact with new adults and peers as they understand routines, transitions and continue to build a foundation of learning that meets their learning needs.
The 4’s program focuses on developing friendships, empathy for others and developing strategies to resolve conflicts independently. Kindergarten readiness is introduced with activities such as identifying both first and last names, making comparisons about our environment, retelling stories, observing nature and identifying upper and lower case letters. The rooms work on more complex projects that may extend over multiple days and encourage group collaboration.
In both programs the teachers adapt the activities to the various learning styles and abilities of the children as needed. This ensures all children are being challenged and learning to their potential. The programs may “feel” different as each team has the creative freedom to design individualized learning plans and themes based on the group of children in their care. Each teaching team is further unique in the individual experiences, strengths, passions and visions they bring to their classrooms. I equally value all the teachers on our team and I’m confident in the learning experiences they provide for your children. Workshops, mentoring, and observations are regular parts of ongoing professional development to provide the best educational experience.
We’re looking forward to a fun filled month of learning activities. Have a good month!
Suzanne Schneider,
MMPS Director

It’s not too late to enroll! Please call 413-736-2770 to schedule your tour today.

MMPS is owned and operated by West Springfield UMC. The school open to children of any religious background and does not teach religion. MMPS is a State Licensed school. MMPS has classes for children from 2.9 years to 5. For more information call preschool director Suzanne Schneider at 736-2770, or visit our web page

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