Preschool News

Mittineague Methodist Community Preschool

Preschool News!
We have had a wonderful first month of school and it seems as though everyone has made a smooth transition. It’s great to walk through the halls and hear the laughter and conversations as the children and teachers become acquainted. Each classroom is
busy with lots of thematic activities. Lots of projects talking about and exploring apples.
Some classrooms made applesauce, others made apple trees, apple collages, apple
prints and some children did experiments to discover more about apples and how they
October brings many opportunities for the children to enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of the season as we focus on leaves, apples, pumpkins and other autumn preschool favorites. Surely we will be busy exploring all the delights of the season.
There’s a preschool area on the wall in the courtyard entryway. Feel free to check it out
to see additional happenings at the preschool.
We still have a few openings in our classrooms. Please spread the word if you know
families who need preschool education!

Suzanne Schneider
Director MMPS