What are our services like?

A view down the main aisle of our beautiful Sanctuary

If you are visiting our church for the first time, we want to make sure you feel like you’ve entered a space where you are welcome and can worship God.  Our service follows a pretty traditional format although we have been known to change things up.  Below is a typical order of worship which generally lasts about one hour.  At each service we provide a bulletin which includes all the elements of today’s service.


Musical Prelude – this occurs to help bring us into a state of presence.  Our organist plays a piece that, if you notice, often coincides with the scriptures for the day.

Welcome – our pastor or another person leading the service for the day will process in with a lay person who is going to assist in the service, they will follow our acolyte who will bring ‘the light’ into the sanctuary and light one or two candles on the altar.

Opening Responsive reading – you’ll find that there are lots of opportunities to participate in the service even from your seat, this is the first, a lead prayer with responses read from the bulletin

Hymn – Methodists have a rich tradition of singing and we invite you to join us no matter what your singing capability!

A Children’s message – our pastor or another church leader will ask the children to come forward for a message about today’s scripture.  All children of all ages are welcome.  Parents and guardians are welcome to accompany them to the front of the sanctuary!

More Hymns!  – we do love to sing

A time of congregational prayer – Prayer is an important part of being a Methodist and each Sunday we come together to pray together.  Often the leader will ask for prayers from the congregation to lift up concerns or celebrations.  We believe it is important to bring our prayers together as a community of faith.

Another Hymn – or perhaps an Anthem performed by our choir

Our lessons for the service – We tend to follow the revised common lectionary ( click here for info on this ) schedule although sometimes we vary it.   There will be at a minimum one scripture reading, sometimes more than one.  If the reading is from the Gospel (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John in the New Testament), then we ask if you could stand if you are able while that passage is read.  The lessons often form the basis for the sermon and are usually tied to the selection of hymns too!

Offering – We are a community that is self-sustaining.  We ask for any gifts that you may wish to share so that we can continue our mission

Message or Sermon – Our leader will talk about the scripture and try to bring a perspective on it that helps us all connect ourselves to God’s Word and our lives.

Closing Hymn – this is often a celebration of our being together to worship in Christ and to prepare ourselves to leave the worship and return to the world to continue our faith journeys.

Benediction – The pastor or leader will often provide a short message, more often than not, one that reflects on the service today, and our pastor also tends to charge the congregation to go forth and bring God’s word to the world.

Postlude – Our organist will play a musical selection to help cement the power and wonders of today’s service, please remain seated


OK – that’s a lot but you know, the only real way to know if our service will provide to feed your faith is to come an visit us!

BTW – if you’d like to know a bit more about what we believe as United Methodist, please visit the pages here (  UMC What we Believe ).


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