Got Team!

Go Teamgo team!
Hi everyone. What a wonderful journey we have started together. Our Exodus series started with Moses (and Us!) getting a new assignment. Then we journeyed through the challenge of the first Passover, and this past Sunday we witnessed the sea change and journey to freedom (along with an amazing congregational singing of the South African song, “Freedom is Coming!”)go team

In September your church council met to discuss how we are moving ahead. One of the major decisions is to have a Living Nativity again this year! What a wonderful gift to our community. Watch newsletters, the website, Facebook, and bulletin announcements for more as we approach the season.

Pastor’s Schedule
As your new quarter-time Pastor, I will be spending 3 out of 5 Sundays with you. The schedule is somewhat fluid right now and I’ll be posting a calendar outside my office (and hopefully on the web) as we develop the schedule. I will also plan on being in my office on Tuesday afternoons (until about 6pm) so if you would like to speak, please let me or Caroline know and we will set up an appointment.

Even though I am only quarter time, if you have a need, I want to be there for you. You can reach me on my cell phone (we will begin printing the phone number in the bulletin or you can call the church office and they will give it to you) and you can always reach me via my email

As a new pastor I am the first to admit, I will need help and one of the areas of help I’ll need is in planning worship. To help, I am forming and asking for volunteers for a ‘Worship Team.’ No, it’s not a committee, this is a team whose sole purpose is to enrich our worship experience. Do you have an eye for colors (I don’t!)? How about a little creativity in mweneedyouaking visuals? Perhaps you have some ideas on what sort of prayers we should have each Sunday? Maybe you have no idea but would really like to do something in worship? I have to tell you, I was involved in a worship team helping the pastor and we had a wonderful time! It only takes a few people and we only meet a few times a year as a group. If you are interested, drop me an email or leave me a note at the office (or text me). I’m planning a small worship planning workshop for October and I’d love to have anyone who would like to help enrich our services.

Question from John Wesley….
“How is it with your soul today?” What a great way to ask each other when we come together in Christian fellowship. It is so different from the generic “How are you?” or “How’s it going?” Try asking someone you know when you greet them next week.




Saturday, November 18, 2017
9:00 am – 3:00 pm

Vendors and Crafters are needed for our annual Fall Vendor/Craft Fair.  If you would like further information or an application, contact Claire Carocci (737-1858) or Debbie Thomas (523-4760).  Pies, baked goods,  sandwiches and soup will also be available.  The church has free parking and is handicapped accessible.

8 Foot Table with two chairs available for $40

8 Foot Table with two chairs and electricity available for  $45


Youth Group

Have a Middle or High School student looking to connect with other Christian youth? The Youth Group meets 2 Sundays per month during the school year under the leadership of Rev. Bruch Arbour at First UMC in Westfield. Besides regular fellowship the group takes part in outreach and volunteer programs. Last year they help at a local soup kitchen and raised money for Heifer International. Below is a photo of some of the group creating our own goat to help with fundraising efforts. The group also took a very chilly tour of the Heifer Farm in Rutland Massachusetts.