Our Pastor and Staff



Pastor: Rick Rabe

Pastor Rick is a Licensed Local Pastor under the New England Conference of the United Methodist Church.  He and his wife (an accomplished organist and Music Director for Hope UMC) share their home with their two cats Mojo and Zelda.  Pastor Rick came to the ministry after a long career in computers.  His final job before coming to ministry was working in Liberia, West Africa during the Ebola epidemic.



Worship Leader: Rev. Sam Wilde

From Sam’s own Website at https://thesamanthawilde.com

I’ve preached hundreds of sermons.  I’ve served in the United Methodist Church and the United Church of Christ.  I served countless individuals outside of any tradition as a spiritual counselor and teacher. I’ve given birth to five children.

But my real qualifications come from my own lifetime of spiritual practice, seeking, study, heartache and perseverance—just like I bet yours do. I’ve studied spirituality, motherhood, and yoga since early days—I’ll tell you more about it below—and it’s saved my life more times than one. Not the fancy stuff but practical, relevant, real-time spirituality.




Administrative Staff

Secretary: Caroline Portono

Sexton: Jean-Marie Obedi

Organist: William O’Neill

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