Monthly UMW meetings are open to all women of the church. You do not need to be a member of WSUMC to attend.

April 1: Spring Meeting 2017 9-2:30pm
Moms & Kids: How Can We Help
Come explore our UMW focus on maternal and child health with our special guest speakers. How can we respond to the needs in our communities?
$12 per person, light breakfast & lunch included
Register by March 27, 2017
Please bring a donation of diapers and/or women’s feminine care products. Items will be sent to the women of My Sister’s House

Food For Sale
From the UMW Freezer made specially by our fabulous cooks. Below is a list of regularly made items kept in the freezer.
If we are out of any item we will gladly take your order.

Lasagna 8×8 pan
$4 small

Homemade Baked Beans (made with real maple syrup)
$7 quart
$4 pint

Homemade Chili (mild)
$10 quart & 4 corn muffins
$5 pint & 2 corn muffins

Shepherd’s Pie
$3 small

Stuffed Peppers
$5 for 2

16 Bean Soup – made in chicken stock
$4 pint

Macaroni & Cheese (easy baking instruction)
$8 8×8 pan
$4 small