Food For Sale!

Food For Sale!
From the UMW Freezer made specially by our fabulous cooks.
Below is a list of regularly made items kept in the freezer. Buy it and keep it in your freezer for those too busy to cook nights.

pie-page1If we are out of any item we will gladly take your order.

Lasagna 8×8 pan
$4 small

Homemade Baked Beans (made with real maple syrup)
$7 quart
$4 pint

Homemade Chili (mild)
$10 quart & 4 corn muffins
$5 pint & 2 corn muffins

Shepherd’s Pie
$3 small

Stuffed Peppers
$5 for 2

16 Bean Soup – made in chicken stock
$4 pint

Macaroni & Cheese (easy baking instruction)
$8 8×8 pan
$4 small

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