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Hi everyone, it’s Pastor Rick

I know sometimes you cannot make it to church.  Right now we don’t have live recording of the service and I wanted to make it possible for you to still be with us, at least some of the time.

I will be asking the Church Council to help us get our services on the web but until then I thought maybe I could provide an audio of at least the scriptures we read and the sermon.

So, look to this section to find and download the audio from Sunday’s past.  I’ll be recording at home the past sermons for you to listen to where ever you are. I’ll include a copy of the Sunday Bulletin as well.  Fell free to share with your friends and relatives!  Go to the News & Events tab (just click on it not the sub-memu) and you’ll see postings for the audio version.

Hope you enjoy this new way to ‘attend church.’


Pastor Rick

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