Updates… and more updates

So exciting…. Lent is a time for change and renewal and that’s what has been happening right here at WSUMC.

A big shout out to our Trustees as they upgrade our parsonage with a new stove!  Thank you all who have worked so hard to make the house a home!

Our administrative assistant has bravely accepted Pastor Rick’s challenges to move forward with a new email and online calendar!  (Pastor Rick used to work in Information Technology).   Now that calendar is appearing on our website so everyone can see events coming up.  Just click on the What’s Happening – Calendar menu item.  We’ll be adding more items soon.

Last Sunday we did a little experiment with video.  It didn’t work perfectly but we expect to be able to video the services and make them available online in the near future.  We are also excited to be upgrading the internet services for the church and the preschool.  It’s a long process but Comcast received the approval from the town to bury the cable from our neighboring school under the road to our property.

All this to help WSUMC serve Christ and our community better.  More developments are coming…..

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