What is a United Methodist?

If you jUM2-product-imageust walked in the door some Sunday for a church service or maybe you have been attending for years but you still wonder about why the United Methodist Church exists then I have a free gift for you!

I often get asked about a particular thing our church does or even more direct questions about what we believe.  Sometimes the questions are easily answered and sometimes they might take a while so my response might be “let’s set up a time to talk or maybe “I can give you a pamphlet” (no, I will probably never say that one to you…but don’t get me started on pamphlets…).  In reality, being a United Methodist or even exploring what our church is all about doesn’t have to be hard and it isn’t, especially if you have a computer or tablet  or phone (which obviously you do since you are reading this!).

No, one of the wonderful things about our church is that we are connectional which basically means we are connected together in a common mission.  Don’t get hung up on that word, connectional, because if you want to know what it means to be a United Methodist (or perhaps to become one!), then there’s an online course available for you and it is pretty good too and especially good because it is free and you can attend class in your PJ’s if you want because you take the class at your own pace (whew!).  I know because I took it (and printed a nifty certificate of completion to hang on my office wall!).  So – click on the link below and then when you get to that page, click on the ‘Enroll for Free’ button right below the ‘Price: $0.00’.  I bet you will learn things you did not know, which is always exciting!

What it Means to Be United Methodist


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