Mittineague Methodist Community Preschool


Wow!  50 years of providing a high quality educational environment for children in the West Springfield area.  Sometimes I wonder what those Methodist women were thinking!  We are so fortunate for their acts of Christian love back then.

The MMCP is still going strong, thanks to the hard work of all those people who could see a way forward back in 1968.  Today the preschool provides high quality education to over 60 children.  I’ve had the pleasure of observing their work, their compassion, their love for the children in our community.

It takes a lot to make a school like this happen.  Our congregation provides the foundation, through their generosity of time and money.  We believe that this school is one of the most important missions of Christian service for our congregation.  In late summer the church sexton(s) and volunteers work to clean and refurbish the school.  There’s endless hours of cleaning, painting and repairing.  As they finish and areas the teachers and administrative staff seem to swoop in to put their finishing touches on each classroom.  On opening day, they are all there, greeting each tiny smiling (and sometimes crying) face, reassuring the parents of our commitment to their children.

It gives me so much joy to have this facility as a part of our church.  Please watch for updates as we plan and announce celebration activities to honor those who brought this wonderful school from a dream into reality.

Pastor Rick



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