Tomorrow – Christmas Eve

Monday, December 24th we will light the final candle of Advent (the service starts at 6pm, all are welcome).  We’ve been on this journey through the words of the hymn ‘Silent Night’ (it is the 200th anniversary of this wonderful hymn).  Now we are about to complete it.  Below is the reading we will use as we light the candle.

There was a darkness, a deep darkness.
Yet they found their way.
The night was quiet and it was beyond quiet.
So they traveled in the silence.
Afraid to break the stillness.
They’d left their flocks at the angels beckoning
Now they are following nothing but…
A star, a hope, a folly, a dream perhaps.
We all are on this same journey this silent night,
We are all in the darkness, seeking the light.
We hope with the morning will come a new light
We pray the silence of tonight will give way
to the sounds of Peace, Hope Love, and Joy.
Let us light this last candle of Advent, the Christ Candle
To light our way to morning,
To light the way to the manger
To light our way to new life!


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