Sunday May 19th 2019 – Marked by Love

Our readings this week are:markedbylove

Acts 11:1 – 18 and John 13: 31-35

These passages talk about two critical things for Christians, the acceptance of everyone as children of God and the great commandment from Jesus to “Love everyone as I have loved you.”

With that we will pray this prayer from Nancy C. Townley 

When the news is loudly proclaiming anger, hostility, hatred, we are called by Christ to love one another. How hard that is, O Lord! Prejudice abounds in our land, and it is our shame, as we proclaim our faith in you. You call us to love one another, but we put conditions on that love: some of these conditions regard race, economic status, gender, age, nationality. It is easy to love people with whom we feel comfortable. It is more difficult to love those who are different from us. And that, O Lord, is our dilemma. Teach us how to love and accept the diversity in our land. Help us to treasure each other for the wondrous gifts and talents each person has. Sharpen our ears to hear words of love when whispered and shouted. Tune our hearts to your healing message of acceptance and compassion for all. Help us to be the people of the Resurrection – who have been freed from the bonds of death. We place our lives in your care, merciful Lord. AMEN.

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