A prayer for today, Monday, March 23, 2020

The cabinet of the New England Conference has started sending out daily prayers. Here is today’s.

Holy God,
            infinite and eternal,
            constant and patient,
            everlasting, and the beginning and ending of all things …
This is a season of waiting …
            for the fast to end,
            for signs of spring to unfold,
            for palm branches and foot washings and worship at dawn.
This year, we are focused on different things – more things – in this season of waiting …
            for the time when distance and isolation will no longer be required,
            for the rescheduling of things that must be done in person,
            for life to return to normal,
                          though we know we even trust – it will never be the same.
This year, we wait with a kind of desperation …
            for paychecks that may not come,
            for test results,
            for the cure.
This year, we wait for gifts of the soul we find ourselves in aching need of …
In our waiting …
            You accompany us,
             You are with us,
             You are always with us.
Your Spirit calls down through the ages in the voice of your Beloved who beckons to us …
            to sit and wait while he prays,
            to stay awake and remain and pray with him,
            to wait and watch and wait some more.
And it is enough. It is enough …
            to be this vulnerable,
            to re-learn what it is to be church and love neighbor,
            to wait and watch and pray with Jesus
                         for the morning. 
What a morning it will be. Amen.

By Rev. Jill Colley Robinson, Vermont District Superintendent
Scripture: Psalm 130.5-6

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