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Even though our church building is closed you can still join us in our Sunday services from home!

Our service is similar to an in-person service that you may be familiar with. There are hymns for you to sing along with at home. There is a responsive reading for you and whoever is with you as you view this service so you can join in. There are prayers and a moment for you to add your own prayers. If you join via Zoom then the prayer part will be live, you will be able to add your voice to the prayer. If you are joining via a pre-recorded session, then we encourage you to hit ‘pause’ and voice your own prayers. If you are watching on our Facebook page, you can add comments.

If you like, you can send us your prayers and we will add them to our prayer chain that is emailed to our congregation or if you would like to become a member of our prayer chain so you can be in prayer for others. Go to our website’s contact page and send us your prayer or ask to join the prayer chain. Each Sunday there is a message from one of our ministers, either Pastor Rick Rabe or Rev. Sam Wilde. At the end of our service there is a reminder that if you wish to support our ministry, if this has deepened your faith, given you pause to think, or even just given you a break from the world outside, we ask you to click on the ‘contribute’ button or send us an offering through the mail. God bless you and keep you safe.

Join Us in Prayer and Fellowship

Each Tuesday at 10am EST we hold a Zoom meeting where we gather and celebrate our faith in shared experiences, prayers and scripture. If you’d like to join us, go to the contact page and send us a note, just include the words ‘Tuesday Zoom’ and we will email you the instructions.

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