An Appeal from Gov. Baker and Attorney General Healey

From the Massachusetts Council of Churches

Dear Church, The hour is late, and the need is critical. Late this evening, I received this request from Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker and Attorney General Maura Healey to share with you this message. On Saturday, Gov. Baker, AG Healey, statewide hospital executives and health care providers met about their concern that people are not going to hospitals or clinics for non-COVID issues out of fear of getting the coronavirus. They are especially concerned about communities of color and immigrant communities who need medical care. At MCC, we know that there are historic and persistent reasons why communities of color do not trust fully trust medical systems. And yet, we grieve the prospect of further loss of life and health during this pandemic from preventable medical concerns.  Governor Charlie Baker and Attorney General Maura Healey asked that pastors, especially pastors leading immigrant and Black churches, read, email, and share the following message with your congregations on Sunday and in the days ahead. I commend the following message to you on their behalf.  In hope, Rev. Laura

“As we pray for relief from this pandemic and for the lives lost and those sick, Governor Baker and Attorney General Healey want the public to know that they should please go to the hospital or call their health care provider if they are feeling unwell, become injured or need medical attention for non-COVID illness such as chest pain, dialysis, emergency care, and routine vaccinations and treatments. They have heard stories of people avoiding care out of a fear of contracting the coronavirus. 

Hospitals and health care clinics are safe and here to protect you and you should not avoid seeking needed care for non-COVID related illnesses. Take care of yourselves and one another.   Our health care community stands at the ready to help, and your government is here to serve everyone.”

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