Four Thoughts for White Christians

credit Red Letter Christian

I subscribe to a news feed called Red Letter Wake Up which comes from the website Red Letter Christians ( They offer a daily quote or thought designed to help us be better Christians.

They recently had a ‘wake up’ email about the persistence of racism in our societies. If you are unfamiliar with the phrase ‘Red Letter,’ it is a reference to the practice in many bibles of highlighting the words of Jesus in red.

There is a burning question for those of us who are ‘not of color’ – ‘white.’ How as a Christian and white person, who wishes to combat the pandemic of racism, should we act. I’m including a link (below) to an outstanding article by Levi Yancy. Levy is a youth pastor in San Antonio. I encourage you to take the time to read this compelling, thoughtful, spiritual article and listen to God’s call within it.

Four Thoughts for White Christians


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