Drive-in Church

Have you ever been to a drive-in?

Last month I helped the American Cancer Society run a relay for life event. It was a test run of some equipment I bought to hopefully give us a chance to come together to worship again, safely. It worked, in its limited way.

So, on Sunday the 20th, weather permitting, at 10am, we will try a drive-in worship. It will be pretty straight forward as worship services go. You drive to the church, leave your windows rolled up, park your car facing towards where I will have something set up and tune in your radios to the frequency (87.5 should do it). Some rules of course…

  • You have to stay in your car the entire time
  • You need to leave your windows up or mostly up
  • Leave the car off except to run the radio
  • No one can leave their cars, not even kids
  • No bathrooms are available

If you have prayers, I’ll be taking them as text messages. This will be a chance for us to see if not hear each other, to pray with each other and listen to a shortened sermon. I’ll still be putting up the ‘normal’ online service and if it is raining well then it is canceled.

This is an experiment and I hope you do join me. 10 am, Sunday the 20th in the church parking lot. If you want to bring popcorn like a drive-in, go ahead just remember the bathrooms will NOT be open….

See you at the movies worship service!

Pastor Rick

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